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Window Washing is Dangerous!

Window Washing in the Rockford Area is dangerous.

Picture a home owner or business owner attempting to wash his or her own windows. Sometimes a window may have small cracks that are not visible. This is extremely dangerous for someone who puts pressure on the window.

How do you wash a window without putting some pressure on it? I believe it would be extremely difficult to clean a window without some amount of pressure being put on the window.

What happens is the cracked window shatters and anyone close might get cut or seriously injured. The worst scenario is being below the falling glass.

A professionally trained window cleaner inspects a window before cleaning it. Our window washers at Drummond Window Cleaning Rockford have workman’s comp insurance.

Getting injured without having insurance can be extremely expensive for a home owner or business owner. The worst case is using a window cleaning company or individuals that do not have workman’s comp insurance.

We also know how to properly and safely work with ladders. Ladder injuries from home owners and business owners alike trying to clean their own windows occur on a frequent basis. Sometimes the injuries are crippling.

Other times a bad ladder fall can result in death.

Why would anyone not want to use professional window cleaners. Is it worth the financial and bodily injury risk not to use a professional window cleaner? ( Give us a call at 815.654.7661 ). We at Drummond Window Cleaning Rockford are fully insured and trained to safely clean your windows.

Window Cleaning Rockford

Many of our customers wash their windows bi yearly, quarterly, and some even do it more frequently. In the ideal situation windows should be cleaned quarterly.

Many home owners and businesses try to clean their windows themselves. If you do not know what you are doing the windows look dirty shortly after doing them.  I don’t think home owners or businesses realize the dangers or risk involved in cleaning their own windows.  Ladder falls, glass cuts, and concussions are just a few of the possible injuries.

Do you have insurance or workman’s comp to cover these possible occurrences?  Most folks do not!

We have cleaned millions of windows in the last 60 years. Our teams of professionals are trained to do the window cleaning job right the first time.

Sparkling clean windows are a reflection of your business, condo or house. We are a family owned business and we guarantee our workmanship. Our excellent service and quality workmanship makes your window cleaning in the Rockford area hassle free.

Window Washing Can Be Dangerous!

Washing windows in the Rockford area can be dangerous. Residents and business owners recognize the difficulties involved in window washing.  Washing your own residential, condo association or commercial windows can be a serious pain. We are faced with this unwelcome task on a regular basis. It is actually dangerous when the windows are tall in height or higher in comparison with the ground floor. Long ladders are needed in order to access the windows.

Please keep in mind this is tedious, dangerous   and extremely time consuming work if you do not have on the job experience. Also remember that you need good health insurance if the inevitable where to happen. Think of the time lost and the possibility of a hospital stay.

In the long run you would be better off eliminating the pain by hiring a professional window cleaning service such as Drummond. Make the job a painless experience with Drummond. Fantastic references, and proper equipment, insurance, and over 60 years’ experience as a company make us a painless experience.  Window cleaning involves safety and a high level of job skills. We have the necessary equipment and materials to do an excellent job.

Call us for a free quote. We will inspect the requested work and ask questions before giving you a quote. Identifying cost involves the window types, size, quantity, and the amount of grime. Many windows require specific cleaning and especially dirty windows sometimes need special washing.

Remember these 6 Tips before Window Washing :

  • Do not hire a cleaning service on price alone.
  • Make sure you check the prospective companies reputation.
  • You can check ,, or for local ratings. This is extremely important.
  • Do not forget, your home is your biggest investment. You want a company with excellent references.
  • Make sure the crew is well trained, courteous,  and above all has workman’s comp.
  • The company you hire should be familiar with safety standards and local regulations.

Do I need a Professional Rockford Area Window Washing Service?

10 reasons why you should consider hiring a professional window cleaner:

  • Saves you time.
  • Professional window washers are trained and can safely handle difficult cleaning situations.
  • General problems that might turn into major problems are uncovered early.
  • Window washing jobs are done in most cases, half or more time savings for client.
  • Sometimes insect infestations are removed before it gets expensive.
  • The windows will in most cases have a longer life when properly maintained.
  • A trained window washer will use the proper cleaning chemicals.
  • Hard to reach or extremely are safely approached.
  • The source of spots, unexplained discoloration, or hard to see rotting are discovered early.
  • Why risk unexpected hospital stays when you can hire a professional window washer with workman’s insurance.

Drummond Window Washing Rockford, Illinois area has been satisfying customers for over 60 years. We have all the 10 above reasons above covered at competitive pricing.

Rockford Area Window Washing

Drummond window washing, a most trusted Commercial, Condo Association, and Residential Window Washing Company in the Rockford Area since 1955. We were  established in 1955 and are a quality focused Rockford Area company. All our employees undergo supervised training for a period of one to two years before working on their own. This ensures that all employees deliver the professionalism and high quality you expect. 

Our staff are insured, hardworking, well trained, knowledgeable, uniformed, and courteous, and dependable individuals  who takes pride in their work and pay attention to detail. We perform the job right the first time. Drummond Window Cleaning, Inc. has consistently delivered excellent service to literally
thousands of satisfied Rockford Area customers over the years.
 Give us a call at 815.654.7661 today for a free estimate and let us earn your business.   You will be glad you did.

Really Clean Residential Windows!

Residential Window Cleaning Rockford Area

Drummond Window Cleaning takes Precautions to protect your home. We are very cautious with our water when working inside your home. Shoe covers are worn and bucket covers are used to keep your floors cleaned. Rubber backed rugs or drop clothes are used to catch water when necessary. Special padded ladder tops keep walls and wood trim from being marked or scratched. Carpeted ladder rails keep gutters from being scratched. Finally, we take every precaution to stay off your flowers, bushes, and sprinkler heads. Don’t forget that window cleaning schedules are available. We believe that our commitment to quality and dependability at a fair price separates us from all other competitors.  Uniforms are worn so you can easily identify us when we arrive. Many years of attention to detail has made us the best Window Cleaning in Rockford. 


Let us clean your commercial windows!


Let Drummond Window Cleaning give your business the crisp professional look it deserves. When your windows are clean your customers will think more of your company. Whether we are working inside or outside we are neat and courteous around your customers or employees. Let us tailor a cleaning schedule to fit your budget and your needs. We do all commercial buildings and no job is too large or small. Store Fronts … Doctor Offices … Restaurants … Factories … Banks … Medical Clinics … Churches … Grocery Stores … Retail Stores … Surgical Centers …

Let us clean your condo association windows!

Drummond Window Cleaning can do Condo Associations as a group and are greatly discounted. However, we don’t have to have the entire association to give you the discount as long as we get enough units to make the trip worthwhile. Individual invoicing is no problem. If you live in a Zentz condo development call today for a discounted quote as we have serviced all these groups since they were built.

We are a full service window cleaning company specializing in commercial, residential, and condo groups. We offer window cleaning maintenance based on any frequency you need.