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Window Washing is Dangerous!

Window Washing in the Rockford Area is dangerous.

Picture a home owner or business owner attempting to wash his or her own windows. Sometimes a window may have small cracks that are not visible. This is extremely dangerous for someone who puts pressure on the window.

How do you wash a window without putting some pressure on it? I believe it would be extremely difficult to clean a window without some amount of pressure being put on the window.

What happens is the cracked window shatters and anyone close might get cut or seriously injured. The worst scenario is being below the falling glass.

A professionally trained window cleaner inspects a window before cleaning it. Our window washers at Drummond Window Cleaning Rockford have workman’s comp insurance.

Getting injured without having insurance can be extremely expensive for a home owner or business owner. The worst case is using a window cleaning company or individuals that do not have workman’s comp insurance.

We also know how to properly and safely work with ladders. Ladder injuries from home owners and business owners alike trying to clean their own windows occur on a frequent basis. Sometimes the injuries are crippling.

Other times a bad ladder fall can result in death.

Why would anyone not want to use professional window cleaners. Is it worth the financial and bodily injury risk not to use a professional window cleaner? ( Give us a call at 815.654.7661 ). We at Drummond Window Cleaning Rockford are fully insured and trained to safely clean your windows.