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Window Washing Can Be Dangerous!

Washing windows in the Rockford area can be dangerous. Residents and business owners recognize the difficulties involved in window washing.  Washing your own residential, condo association or commercial windows can be a serious pain. We are faced with this unwelcome task on a regular basis. It is actually dangerous when the windows are tall in height or higher in comparison with the ground floor. Long ladders are needed in order to access the windows.

Please keep in mind this is tedious, dangerous   and extremely time consuming work if you do not have on the job experience. Also remember that you need good health insurance if the inevitable where to happen. Think of the time lost and the possibility of a hospital stay.

In the long run you would be better off eliminating the pain by hiring a professional window cleaning service such as Drummond. Make the job a painless experience with Drummond. Fantastic references, and proper equipment, insurance, and over 60 years’ experience as a company make us a painless experience.  Window cleaning involves safety and a high level of job skills. We have the necessary equipment and materials to do an excellent job.

Call us for a free quote. We will inspect the requested work and ask questions before giving you a quote. Identifying cost involves the window types, size, quantity, and the amount of grime. Many windows require specific cleaning and especially dirty windows sometimes need special washing.

Remember these 6 Tips before Window Washing :

  • Do not hire a cleaning service on price alone.
  • Make sure you check the prospective companies reputation.
  • You can check ,, or for local ratings. This is extremely important.
  • Do not forget, your home is your biggest investment. You want a company with excellent references.
  • Make sure the crew is well trained, courteous,  and above all has workman’s comp.
  • The company you hire should be familiar with safety standards and local regulations.