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Rockford Area Window Washing

Drummon window washing, a most trusted Commercial, Condo Association, and Residential Window Washing Company in the Rockford Area since 1955. We were  established in 1955 and are a quality focused Rockford Area company. All our employees undergo supervised training for a period of one to two years before working on their own. This ensures that all employees deliver the professionalism and high quality you expect. 

Our staff are insured, hardworking, well trained, knowledgeable, uniformed, and courteous, and dependable individuals  who takes pride in their work and pay attention to detail. We perform the job right the first time. Drummond Window Cleaning, Inc. has consistently delivered excellent service to literally
thousands of satisfied Rockford Area customers over the years.
 Give us a call at 815.654.4185 today for a free estimate and let us earn your business.   You will be glad you did.

Really Clean Residential Windows!

Residential Window Cleaning Rockford Area

Precautions are taken to protect your home. We are very cautious with our water when working inside your home. Shoe covers are worn and bucket covers are used to keep your floors cleaned. Rubber backed rugs or drop clothes are used to catch water when necessary. Special padded ladder tops keep walls and wood trim from being marked or cratched. Carpeted ladder rails keep gutters from being scratched. Finally, we take every precaution to stay off your flowers, bushes, and sprinkler heads. Don’t forget that window cleaning schedules are available. We believe that our commitment to quality and dependability at a fair price separates us from all other competitors.  Uniforms are worn so you can easily identify us when we arrive. Many ears of attention to detail has made us the best Window Cleaning in Rockford. 


Let us clean your commercial windows!

Let us give your business the crisp professional look it deserves. When your windows are clean your customers will think more of your company. Whether we are working inside or outside we are neat and courteous around your customers or employees. Let us tailor a cleaning schedule to fit your budget and your needs. We do all commercial buildings and no job is too large or small. Store Fronts … Doctor Offices … Restaurants … Factories … Banks … Medical Clinics … Churches … Grocery Stores … Retail Stores … Surgical Centers …

Let us clean your condo association windows!

Condo associations done as a group are greatly discounted.
However, we don’t have to have the entire association to give you the discount as long as we get enough units to make the trip worthwhile. Individual invoicing is no problem. If you live in a Zentz condo development call today for a discounted quote as we have serviced  all these groups since they were built.

We are a full service window cleaning company specializing in commercial, residential, and condo groups. We offer window cleaning maintenance based on any frequency you need.