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Discovering the Right Rockford Window Cleaning Company

Washing your own windows can be an undesirable task. It can likewise be dangerous if you have windows above ground level. Using ladders to get to them poses a risk to your health and welfare. Washing windows is likewise a time intensive job. Without correct tools, it is in most cases will not be a professional job unless you have done this type of work for years. A reputable window cleaning company knows how to safely clean your windows. They will have the best tools and good products to complete quality workmanship. Before using a window cleaner you should consider several things.

Lots of home cleaning companies likewise offer window cleaning as an additional service. There are likewise those that specialize strictly in window cleaning. We at Drummond Window Washers have cleaned every imagined type of windows out there. 

Drummond Window Washing does commercial, schools, condo, condo association, office, industrial, and residential. Don’t forget window cleaning is extremely dangerous.

Select a window washer who is completely insured, has workman’s comp, and bonded. Companies that have been in business a long time (over 60 years), Drummond Window Washers is a safe choice. There is always a possibility for damage if the windows are not cleaned right, so be sure the company is insured. Make sure the estimate is in writing.

This ought to consist of a detailed description of the work to be done, the expense for the project and amount of time for conclusion. Be sure they have the best equipment to safeguard surrounding areas from damage and that they will thoroughly clean up the work area after the task is completed.

“Ask friends or family for suggestions. Make certain the company will supply a totally free quote. This is basic but it is a good idea to verify prior to sustaining any unneeded expenses. Request recommendations and act on them to ensure they have satisfied clients.”  Roger Jones, President 

Window washing can be a time consuming, difficult chore. Lots of people opt to hire a window cleaning service rather than doing it themselves. With an excellent business choice, you will get a task that shows quality work completed in a timely manner. The hired company will be able to do a great window cleaning job saving you time and the risk of injury or property damage cost. How can you beat that?

Without proper washing equipment, it can take longer and not be as high quality as if you went with a window cleaning service. Window washing services specialize in securely and efficiently cleaning up windows. Use a reputable window cleaning company. Some types of windows will require specialized cleaning and particularly unclean windows may need special attention, which can increase the expense. Many folks decide it is best to hire a professional window washer. Nobody needs the increased risk of injury or property damage. Why take a chance, only use a company that is bonded, insured, wear company uniforms, and have workman’s comp.

We wash windows in the Rockford, Belvidere, Beloit Areas.

Do Your Rockford Window Washers have Insurance?

We are bonded, have workmen’s comp and general insurance. This is not a misprint. Yes you read right we are a legitimate Rockford Company. Why take a chance and have a complete stranger in your house or place of business washing your windows. Why take the risk? You are responsible for any injuries to an uninsured window washing worker in your house or place of business. Medical cost are beyond expensive.

Why would you want the possibility of losing everything you worked for if you had uninsured window washing workers in your house who are not bonded or do not have workers compensation. What would happen to you or your business if the unthinkable would happen!

Window Washing Rockford Belvidere areas

Drummond window washing Rockford Belvidere areas is bonded, has workmen’s comp and general insurance. Yes you read right we are a legitimate company. All our staff is screened, trained up to a year, sometimes more before they can work alone. Drummond Window Washing has been serving the Rockford Belvidere Beloit Area for over 60 years. We believe ourselves to be the best Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Condo Association window washers in the area.

Have you researched the number of break-ins and personal property stolen from honest hard working folk’s homes in the last year? I cannot for the likes of me figure out why anyone would hire someone, or a complete stranger without them being bonded, have general insurance, and also workman’s comp.

If you hire someone who is working from the trunk of their car or from the basket on their bike cycle please ask them if they are bonded or have workmen’s comp.  Do these window washers have a business license and pay taxes.

Window Washing Extremely Dangerous Profession

Surprise, I am not a lawyer, it is my belief that you would be responsible for medical cost required if such person lost a limb, broke a back, needed medical help  for a severe glass cut, or  fell from a latter. Please ask a lawyer. Also do not forget the workman’s compensation! Would you be able to handle the enormous cost if such a situation where to arise?

Many residents and business owners are not aware that window washing is one of the most dangerous professions. Some have learned the hard way! My prices are extremely reasonable.  Please give Drummond Window Washing Rockford, Belvidere, Areas a chance. You will be glad.

Some Consider Window Cleaning Most Dangerous Profession

An Insurance Company in Britain claims window washing is more dangerous than any other profession in the UK.

I picked this up on google several days ago. Surfing the net for window washing is dangerous resulted in several articles verifying the dangers of being a window washer. The most occurring accidents, some fatal, were from ladder falls and I believe severe bleeding from broken glass.

I just do not understand why anyone would want to take the risk of injuring themselves to save a couple of bucks. Worst yet is hiring someone without insurance and then having that same individual or individuals get hurt on your property without workers comp.  I do believe the homeowner or business owner is responsible. Correct me if I am wrong.

Drummond Window Cleaning Rockford has been doing business for over 60 years. All our people are safety conscious and have workman’s compensation insurance.

New employees are taught the right and safest way to wash windows.  New employees are not allowed to work unsupervised until they prove themselves to be courteous, respectful, honest, and outstanding window washers.

We go the extra mile for our customers. All our work is guaranteed.  Call Drummond Window cleaning at 815-654-7661 for a free estimate. You will be glad you did.

Is Your Window Washing Company Trustful?

Hi I am Roger Jones owner of Drummond Window Cleaning. It is my belief that trust is very important when deciding who will be cleaning your windows inside or outside of your house, condo, or commercial place of business. Every individual in my window cleaning company is trustworthy, honest, meticulous, and courteous.

Who do you trust to work in your home or business?

For over 5 60 years Drummond has been setting a higher standard. Being on the edge of excellence and customer satisfaction is our mission. We believe we go far beyond the industry normal. We go beyond the industry standard.

The bottom line is complete customer satisfaction. 

We work carefully around your personal property. Always careful not to get water on any of your belongings or furniture. If anything is moved, we put it back where it was. Why would it be any other way! This is what trust is all about.

All of our staff is trained and drilled to respect your personal property. We pay our people well and expect only the best from them.

My staff are trained to be the best and go beyond what is expected from our customers. We are proud to be professionals. When we are working at your home or business you can relax and not worry. We are trustworthy Window Washing Professionals.

Its my belief we are the best and most trusted window washers in the Rockford Area period.